Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana–Grameen (PMAY-G)

       The Pradhan Mantri Awaaz Yojana –Grameen (PMAY-G) was introduced with the view to boost the “Housing for All’ scheme. The central government came up with the vision to fulfil the ‘Housing for All’ scheme by the year 2022, which has been extended for another one year. It has been implemented by the Ministry of Rural Development from FY 2016-17.

       The main aim of the PMAY-G scheme is to provide pucca house with some of the basic amenities. The scheme is meant for people who do not own a house, those who live in kutcha houses and those whose houses are severely damaged. At present, the minimum size of the house to be built under PMAY-G has been increased to 25 sq mt from 20 sq mt.

The following are the eligibility criteria which include specific deprivation scores and different priority lists:

  • Houseless families
  • Families with houses having zero, one or two rooms with kutcha wall and kutcha roof
  • Households without literate adult above 25 years of age
  • Households without an adult male member and with disabled member
  • Landless households who derive income from casual labour
  • Scheduled caste, Scheduled tribe, Others and minorities


       PMAY-G is implemented in all the Districts and Blocks in the state. Implementation is undertaken in a phase-wise manner, i.e., Phases I & II. The quantum of financial assistance provided under this scheme is Rs. 1,3,000/- per unit.